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When Sony’s main Japanese headphone design team were working on a new range of audiophile headphones, they asked their team in London to come up with recommendations for audio consultants who could help them perfect their new products. They ideally needed someone with excellent audio judgement and technical know-how. 

Our chief engineer, Naweed, was recommended by several of Sony Music’s London-based A&R team. Sony’s Japanese designers then visited Whitfield Mastering to run tests on their prototypes and perfect the audio design.

Naweed was originally selected to work on one of the new headphone models, but the collaboration proved so fruitful that the Sony team employed him as a consultant on the entire MDR headphone and XBR in-ear range (13 models in all), using his feedback and the Whitfield Mastering studio’s PMC BB5 XBD-A monitors as some of their key references.


Naweed has worked with audiophile manufacturer Crookwood, helping to design the custom routing matrix at the heart of the current Whitfield mastering studio and also providing input on Crookwood’s Soundbucket Bluetooth-capable portable speaker.

“Anyone who designs loudspeakers knows that getting a good spec is only a small part of the total design,” explains Crispin Herrod-Taylor, Founder and Managing Director of Crookwood. “We had a well performing small loudspeaker, but it didn’t sound ‘right’. 

We were able to do some listening tests in Naweed’s studio, listening to a wide variety of masters to get a better understanding of how it needed to be tuned, especially around the crossover region.  

Naweed has an instinctive feel for when something sounds right, and he helped us adjust the system using DSP until we got a very good sound for a small loudspeaker. We then remodelled the crossover in analogue, and retested it in his room. His help made this small loudspeaker a very competent performer, across a wide range of music.”

If you have a design project that could benefit from Naweed’s technically informed audiophile expertise, please contact info@whitfieldmastering.com.

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The mdr-1 is perfectly crafted and attuned to accommodate the broad spectrum of today’s musical tastes, from deep bass to high range, up-front vocals all accurately delivered as the artist intended.

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